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About Us


Medlock Day Nursery is a family run nursery situated in the heart of Bardsley Vale in Oldham. The nursery operates from a purpose built three storey property with ample parking and outdoor play space.

CCTV to both the interior and exterior of the premises provides a safe and secure environment for our children to explore and learn.

The nursery consists of 4 separate rooms for the children, split according to their age and stage of development. Each floor has separate toilet facilities for the children as well as changing rooms for children who are still in nappies. Our spacious rooms are complete with excellent sources of natural light and underfloor heating, meaning the children’s environments remain comfortable.

On site kitchen facilities allow us to ensure that our children’s meals are healthy and balanced and cooked in accordance with local and national guidelines. We cater for all types of children's allergies and dietary requirements.

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